equity, diversity, inclusion

Social Equity in Purchasing and Contracting

The City of Moorpark is dedicated to building and maintaining a culture of diversity and inclusion throughout all levels of the organization. Our success depends on our ability to capture the creativity and inspiration of our entire organization and work together with vendors that share our values of respect, equity, and inclusion.  It is our belief that the selection of such businesses will improve the economic stability and vitality of the populations and communities the City serves. As such, we have taken this opportunity to integrate our commitment to respect, equity, and inclusion into our vendor/supplier/contractor selection and retention process.

We envision a fair and equitable process by which diverse businesses can compete based on their service delivery and pricing. We encourage and solicit the participation of diverse vendors in all contracting opportunities, and we are committed to remove barriers and increase access to City contracting opportunities for all business owners.

The purpose and intent of adopting a strong and healthy Equity in Purchasing and Procurement programs are to provide opportunities for increased participation by emerging small businesses and businesses that are owned and controlled by minorities and women to ensure that the City contracting practices do not support discrimination in employment and services when the City procures goods, supplies, materials, equipment, and services from the private sector.

Vendor Selection and Qualifications

Vendor/Supplier/Contractor selection will be based on industry best practices, our fiduciary responsibility of stewardship and accountability, and our commitment to respect, equity, and inclusion. Our selection process will take the following criteria into consideration:

  • Quality of goods and services delivered on a timely basis
  • Cost
  • Past performance
  • Reputation
  • Their commitment to respect, equity, and inclusion
  • Alignment with City’s mission and values

These relationships are reviewed at the discretion of the City, and may generally be assessed every 5-7 years.