Arroyo Simi Trail

PROJECT: Arroyo Simi Trail Master Plan

Photograph of the Arroyo Simi in Moorpark


The City of Moorpark is developing a plan for building a shared-use trail along the Arroyo Simi as it travels through Moorpark.

The Arroyo Simi Trail presents a tremendous opportunity for Moorpark to expand its open space and active transportation networks both locally and regionally. This key component of the larger Arroyo Simi Trail will connect to Simi Valley’s portion of the trail and help set precedent for extending the trail into Ventura County.

The creation of a Master Plan for the Arroyo Simi Trail will not only define the parameters for the project, but it will also allow the City to seek project approvals for the trail as well as apply for various grant opportunities to fund the project.


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Arroyo Simi Trail Project Map