Zoning Code and Map Update

As part of the City's General Plan Update, the Zoning Code Update is an integral part of the implementation of the land use goals and policies which the General Plan envisions.  The Zoning Code is the primary implementation tool the City uses to provide the framework for future development and redevelopment of the built environment. The Zoning Code includes permit processes, and development standards like height and setbacks, and outlines various regulations related to the built environment.  The Zoning Code Update also includes minor updates to other chapters of the Moorpark Municipal Code.

Following a public comment period, the Planning Commission and City Council considered the Zoning Code Update.  On July 19, 2023, the City Council adopted ordinances approving the Zoning Code.  The text of the zoning code update is included in Ordinance No. 515, linked below and the update will become effective on August 18, 2023.


Zoning Map Ordinance No. 515 Opens in new window