City Clerk

Role of the City Clerk Division
The City Clerk Division of the Administrative Services Department is responsible for
  • Maintaining official minute, ordinance, and resolution books.
  • Maintaining the central files of the city, including electronic imaging system
  • Preparation of the City Council and Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency meeting agenda packets
  • Recording the official minutes for city and agency meetings
Additional Responsibilities
Additionally, the City Clerk Division is responsible for municipal elections, providing information and assistance to mayoral and council member candidates, and maintaining records in compliance with the Political Reform Act. The City Clerk’s Division also monitors all email sent to the city.

Functions of the City Clerk
The city clerk functions as the:
  • City’s election official
  • City´s records manager
  • Filing officer for campaign reports and statements of economic interest for designated officials and employees
Additional Duties
The city clerk is also responsible for:
  • Accepting subpoenas
  • Attesting to city agreements and contracts
  • Conducting all formal bid openings for the city
  • Coordinating the reduction and exoneration of developer performance and payment sureties
  • Ensuring that the city complies with state law governing the posting and publishing of legal notices
  • Receiving, recording, and processing all claims against the city