Current Park and Field Conditions - 7/11/17 @ 10:00a

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Arroyo Vista Community Park
4550 Tierra Rejada Road
Closed Open
The sport court (hockey arena) will be closed from approximately May 15th to July 25th for renovations.  Updates to follow.
Fields Open 2
Ball Fields 1 - 4 Fields Open 2

Athletic Fields 1 - 11  Fields Open 2
Tennis Courts 1 - 8 Fields Open 2
Campus Canyon Park
6970 Campus Canyon Drive
Fields Open 2 Campus Canyon athletic fields are closed until July 28th for turf renovations.
Campus Park
6400 Harvard Street

Fields Open 2
College View Park
15400 Campus Park Drive 
Fields Open 2  
Dog Park  Dog Park is currently closed for tree maintenance.  We apologize for the inconvenience.
Community Center Park
799 Moorpark Avenue 
Fields Open 2
Country Trail Park
12301 Mountain Trail 
Fields Open 2  


Glenwood Park
11800 Harvester
Fields Open 2

Magnolia Park
296 Charles Street 
 Fields Open 2

Mammoth Highlands
7000 Elk Run Loop 
Fields Open 2
Miller Park
4530 Miller Parkway 
  Fields Open 2  
Monte Vista Nature Park
4201 Spring Road 
  Fields Open 2
Mountain Meadows Park
4350 Mountain Meadow
Fields Open 2 .
Peach Hill Park
13200 Peach Hill Road 
Fields Open 2
Poindexter Park
500 Poindexter Avenue 
Fields Open 2  
Skate Park Fields Open 2  
Tierra Rejada Park
11900 Mountain Trail Street
Fields Open 2
Villa Campesina Park  Fields Open 2
Virginia Colony Park
14507 Condor Drive 
 Fields Open 2  
Walnut Acres Park
161 Second Street
Fields Open 2
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green checkmark

Athletic fields closed due to muddy conditions.
Athletic fields closed due to muddy conditions.