Lighting and Landscaping

Maintenance Assessment Districts

The citywide Lighting and Landscaping Maintenance Assessment District was formed in the fiscal year of 1983-1984 to accommodate costs associated with street lighting, specified landscaped areas, and maintenance activities of benefit to the entire city.

Zones of Benefit

In subsequent years, ‘Zones of Benefit’ were established to assess new developments for direct non-citywide landscape maintenance benefits provided by the city. Going forward, as new landscaped areas are created, the city forms new assessment districts to fund on-going maintenance and future replacement.


Generally, assessments are levied on the basis of benefit received by the individual property, as determined by an assessment engineering study. The Parks, Recreation, & Community Services Department and Public Works Department are responsible for managing the assessment engineering contract and calculating the annual assessment levy.

The Finance Department monitors and tracks assessment balances. The Public Works Department has responsibility for maintaining street lights, storm drains, and flood basins; while the Parks, Recreation, & Community Services Department assumes responsibility for maintaining landscaped areas within the city.

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