City Programs


In partnership with the Moorpark Chamber of Commerce, the City is co-sponsor of the annual Business and Community Guide which provides information about doing business in Moorpark, as well as information about city services and demographics. The city also co-sponsors some Chamber special events.

Economic Development Collaborative

City membership to the Economic Development Collaborative offers the following services to businesses:

  • Financing through the In-house Loan Program and Financial Resource Directory
  • Business Enhancement Program, with free business consulting services (such as company assessments, strategic and marketing planning, work flow improvement, managing cash flow, financial planning, sources of capital, administrative issues such as personnel and risk management, international trade and commerce, and electronic internet commerce)
  • Seminars and workshops, including the Entrepreneurial Academy, the Business Roundtable, and a business reference library
  • Utility Incentive Programs, including the POWER (Preserving Our Widely-used Electrical Resources) partnership to identify and instruct businesses in best practices for energy consumption
  • VCBio (biotechnology-related businesses), Ventura County Film Council, Environmental Business Council, Ag Futures Alliance, HOME (Housing Opportunities Made Easier - workforce housing).
  • Business Advocacy through EDC-VC’s membership to the Ventura County Economic Development Association (VCEDA)

Additional Projects

Liaison services are provided by local government staff and elected officials. Marketing and data packages are also available for potential new businesses.

University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) Economic Forecast Project regularly provides current economic, statistical, and business information, including an annual economic forecast. This information is available to existing and potential new local businesses seeking information for decision-making regarding siting or growing a business in Moorpark.

RDP-21 (Regional Defense Partnership) and Southwest Defense Alliance (SWDA) are two different defense partnerships. Both groups provide advocacy efforts to retain and grow local military bases that provide jobs and purchasing dollars that contribute to the local economy.

Community Policing Office offers a range of services to business, including:

  • Training on prevention of bad check, forgery, and credit card and identity theft
  • Site safety assessments for prevention of burglary, robbery, and parking lot attacks
  • Training on prevention of violence in the workplace
  • Fax Alert Network that “blast faxes” real time information to local businesses to make them aware of crime trends in Moorpark