1. ADA Complaint

    Report a complaint alleging discrimination on the basis of disability in the provision of services, activities, programs, or benefits by the City of Moorpark (ADA Complaint).

  2. Dead Animal

    Did you see a dead animal on a street or park? Notify the city here.

  3. Graffiti or Code Compliance

    Alert the city of graffiti or code compliance issue you have seen.

  4. Loose Animal

    Did you see a loose animal on a street or park? Notify the city here.

  5. Maintenance Issues at City Owned Facilities

    Report maintenance issues you have seen at city owned facilities.

  6. Other Concerns

    Report other concerns that would not fall into another specified category.

  7. Park Irrigation Problems or Related Emergencies

    Report park irrigation problems or other related emergencies.

  8. Parkway & Median Irrigation Problems

    Report parkway & median irrigation problems or related emergencies

  9. Street Light Out

    See how to report a street light that has gone out.

  10. Street, Sidewalk, or Pot Hole Repair

    Report needed repairs to streets or pot holes.

  11. Traffic Signal Malfunction

    Report traffic signal malfunctions.

  12. Tree Issues

    Report tree issues.