Do you know who  
your Deputy is?


At the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, we are committed to making Ventura County a safe place to live, work, play and raise a family.

Although we have one of the lowest crime rates in the Country, we cannot become complacent as long as any individual is victimized by crime. The men and women of this agency continue to embrace creative possibilities that help us accomplish our goal of keeping your community safe. One of the many commitments is the C.O.P.S program (Community Oriented Policing) and the Beat Coordinator. These special trained deputies are embedded in our neighborhoods and are there to improve the quality of life. I encourage you to work with your Beat Coordinators and please call them for nonemergency, non-critical types of calls. They are a very dedicated and effective group of deputies.

What is COPS?

Community Oriented Policing - is a philosophy of full service personalized policing, working in a proactive partnership with citizens to identify and solve problems. The community policing  philosophy rests on the belief that contemporary challenges require law enforcement to provide full service policing, proactive and reactive by involving the community directly as partners in the process of identifying, prioritizing and solving problems including crime, fear of crime, illicit  drugs, social and physical disorder, and neighborhood decay.

Will I have my own Deputy?

Yes. The lead person for each area is a (Senior Deputy) Beat Coordinator. The Beat Coordinator has a whole team whose assignment is to provide a resident orientated approach in combating both real and perceived crimes, traffic issues and quality of life issues in your neighborhood.

What kind of problems can a Beat Coordinator help me with?

Not every problem requires a traditional law enforcement response because not all problems are criminal in nature; some problems simply affect your quality of life. The Beat Coordinator has received training and is equipped to use traditional and non-traditional police response, along with referrals to other types of services in order to solve problems.

Examples of issues they can help with are:

• Loud or unruly neighbors
• Problem neighborhood drivers
• People loitering or otherwise disturbing in the       neighborhood
• Burglary or theft problems
• Other neighborhood issues
• All City and County Services

What can I do to help?

Beat Coordinators need your help as well. They rely on community members to provide them with information and input on what problems are affecting their respective neighborhoods. They cannot address the problem if they do not know it exists.

Who do I call in an emergency?

In case of an emergency or a crime in progress call, we still want you to call 911. But for those situations that do not need an immediate law enforcement response we encourage you to contact your area Beat Coordinator.

How do I find my Beat Coordinator?

Finding your Beat Coordinator is easy, go to www.VCSD.org and follow the C.O.P.S links. There you will find contact information for your area Beat Coordinator but also useful information about C.O.P.S and other resources.

How are Beat Coordinators assigned?

The Moorpark Patrol area has been divided into (4) distinct areas with a specific (Senior Deputy) Beat Coordinator assigned to each area. The areas are:

• Moorpark-EAST (City of Moorpark East of Spring Road)
 Moorpark-WEST (City of Moorpark West of Spring  Road)

• Simi Valley (County Line, Box Canyon, Sinaloa,  Thompson Lane, Rocky Peak)

• Santa Rosa Valley (Grimes Canyon, Santa Rosa Road,  Stockton)

Remember, your Beat Coordinators are here to help you and your neighborhood. They will open the door for the many resources that exist to make your neighborhood a better place to live.

Who to Contact

  1. To reach the Beat Coordinator for your area, you can call their phone number or email them. The phone numbers and email address for each area are


    Moorpark City East-805-620-8771

    Moorpark City West–805-620-8771

    Simi Valley–805-620-8703

    Santa Rosa Valley –805-620-8702 

    Leave your name and number and your Beat Coordinator will contact you promptly to begin working on your issue.