Commercial and Multi-Family Trash Service

Commercial/Multi-Family Trash Service
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Who is my hauler?

Moorpark commercial and multi-family residential solid waste service is provided by:

Service Rates

Trash, recycling, and yard waste bins for commercial and multi-family properties are available in the following sizes:

  • 1.5 cubic yard bins
  • 3.0 cubic yards bins
  • 4.0 cubic yard bins

Organic (food) waste carts are available only in 64-gallon sizes.

Monthly commercial and multi-family service rates will depend on the number of bins, size of your bins, and frequency of pickup.  Pickup is available from once per week to to six times per week.  Once you select your service levels, check your monthly rate on the full listing of all solid waste service rates

Commercial Recycling

California law requires all businesses that generate four cubic yards or more of commercial solid waste per week to arrange for recycling services.  The intent of the law is to decrease the amount of waste being sent to landfills and to recover reusable resources such as glass and metals.  The two major components of a successful commercial recycling program are:

  • Obtain recycling bin service from your waste hauler
  • Educate your staff about what is recyclable and what is not

Waste Management offers free Waste Assessments to assist you in identifying the best service levels for your needs and to help you train yourself and your employees about what is recyclable and what is not.  Simply call Waste Management to schedule your FREE Waste Assessment today!

Commercial Organics Recycling

California Assembly Bill 1826 requires businesses to either obtain commercial organics recycling service, or obtain an exemption.  The intent of the state law is to eliminate food waste and other compostable materials from landfills.  Exemptions are available for:

  • Business does not generate any organic waste.
  • Only green/yard waste is generated, and a landscape maintenance company self-hauls all of it off-site.
  • Business or employees take organic materials home or to an organics processing/composting facility.
  • Business disposes of organic waste at a composter, food waste digester, or other organic waste processing equipment on-site.

If your business qualifies for an exemption, your business will need to request an exemption from the Solid Waste Division by sending an exemption application to the Solid Waste Division by mail or E-mail (instructions at bottom of application).

If your business needs to initiate commercial organics recycling service, please call Waste Management at (805) 522-9400 or (800) 675-1171.  You may also call them schedule a free Waste Assessment that will determine the amount of waste your business generates and help you implement an organics recycling program at your business.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding Moorpark Solid Waste programs:

  • Contact Waste Management at (805) 522-9400 or (805) 675-1171
  • Contact the City's Solid Waste Division by E-mail or at (805) 517-6294