Solicitor Permits

Person ringing doorbell

Moorpark Municipal Code Section 5.64.020 requires any person who wishes to operate as a street vendor, hawker, peddler, solicitor, or transient merchant in Moorpark, to first obtain a valid Street Vendor Permit from the City of Moorpark. Below is a list of valid Solicitor Permits.

If you have any questions, or wish to report an unlicensed street vendor, please contact the City of Moorpark Code Compliance Division at (805) 517-6232.

If a solicitor is acting suspiciously, call the Moorpark Police Department at (805) 532-2700.

Active Solicitor Permits (Updated 6/3/19)

 Date Permit #     Applicant Business Name      Business Type Expiration

 2/5/19 2019-01 Uvaldo Amezcua Amezcua Produce Produce 5/2/20
 2/13/19 2019-02 Larry Lancelle Tikiz Shaved Ice Shaved Ice 2/13/20
 2/15/19 2019-03 Firman Brown Vivint Solar Solar 2/15/20
 5/14/19 2019-04 Matthew Anderson Aptive Pest Control  5/14/20
 2019-05 Joseph Jackson Aptive Pest Control 5/14/20
 5/14/19 2019-06 Kyle Norblad Aptive Pest Control 5/14/20
 5/14/19 2019-07 Sean Davis Aptive Pest Control  5/14/20
 5/14/19 2019-08 Jayden Merkley Aptive Pest Control 5/14/20
 5/14/19 2019-09 Jarom Christensen Aptive Pest Control 5/14/20