City Council Redistricting

2021 Redistricting Graphic


The City of Moorpark transitioned to district-based elections in 2019 for City Council seats, beginning with the 2020 Municipal Election.  The Districts were then updated for the 2022 Municipal Election following completion of the 2020 U.S. Census.  The Mayor will continue to be elected at-large by voters across the entirety of Moorpark even in the district-based election system adopted for the City Council.

Every ten years, following completion of the decennial U.S. Census, the City must go through a "Redistricting" process, to ensure that the City's four City Council districts remain balanced in population.  The U.S. Census Bureau published its 2020 population counts in September 2021, and the City initiated its decennial redistricting process in October 2021.  The redistricting process established boundaries to be in place in time for the 2022 Municipal Election, which will include races for Mayor and two of the four City Council seats.

The City retained National Demographics Corporation, a professional redistricting consultant, to help guide it through the redistricting process.  Through the redistricting process, the community determined which neighborhoods are grouped together into a district for the purpose of electing City Councilmembers.  Members of the public were invited to share comments, input, and opinions throughout the process, as well as suggest maps for drawing district boundaries at series of public hearings.

The 2020 Census counted 36,326 residents in Moorpark, which translates to each of the City's four City Council districts ideally having 9,081 residents each.  The City's original Districts were out of balance as follows:

Deviation from Ideal58-16-8798371,715
% Deviation0.63%-0.17%-9.67%9.21%18.88%

Final 2022 District Map

The City Council adopted the map below at Public Hearing on February 2, 2022.

Yellow Map Opens in new window(Click on image to view a larger version)

Deviation from Ideal58-171-18131301
% Deviation0.63%-1.88%-0.19%1.44%3.31%

Redistricting Timeline

The timeline for the City's 2022 redistricting efforts is provided below.  All meetings were live-streamed and are now archived at  Members of the public were able to participate and provide comments in-person or online via Zoom at each meeting.

Public Hearing #1
October 20, 2021
Public Hearing #2
December 1, 2021
Public Hearing #3
January 5, 2022
Public Hearing #4February 2, 2022
Deadline for completion of redistricting processApril 17, 2022
Timeline of Events

Redistricting Mapping Tools

Paper Participation Kit

This is a simple paper map drawing tool.  You can download the maps in English or Spanish by clicking on the links below.  The target population for each district is 9,081 residents.

To view an interactive map displaying current district boundaries, please visit the following link:

Note: this interactive map displays demographic statistical data from the American Communities Survey (2015-2019)

Redistricting Resources

For more information about the redistricting process, please visit the following: