COVID-19: Restaurant Guide


While we are regularly contacting restaurants to keep this information up to date, please E-mail us if you have more recent information for any restaurant...or if you see any restaurants that are missing!

Updated September 9, 2021




Backyard BBQ14711 Princeton Ave., #9Coming Soon!!!
Baskin-Robbins557 W. Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 529-5360
Daily 11A-10P
Bobas Cuz325 E. High Street
(805) 744-5050
Daily 10A-9P
Brick Oven Pizza
888 E. Los Angeles Avenue, #G
(805) 553-9566
Mon-Sat 10:30A-9P
Sun 11A-9P
Cactus Patch197 E. High Street
(805) 529-9550
Daily 7A-2P
California Coffee Republic330 Zachary Street, Unit 109
(805) 222-6147
Mon-Thu 7A-9P
Fri-Sat 8A-10P
Sun 8A-8P
Carl's Jr./Green Burrito401 W. Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 523-7034
Mon-Thu 6A-1A
Fri-Sun Open 24 hrs. 'til 1A Monday
Carla's Bakery391 W. Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 530-0972
Daily 5A-9P
Carnitas El Rey6593 Collins Drive, #D-4
(805) 222-5689
Mon 9:30A-6P
Closed Tuesdays
Wed-Fri 9:30A-6P
Sat-Sun 8A-6P
Carrara's Italian Bakery & Eatery144 W. Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 552-4250
Tue-Thu 11A-8P
Fri-Sat 11A-9P
Sun 11A-8P
Closed Mondays
Casa Ruiz Peruvian Cuisine14711 Princeton Avenue, #1
(805) 517-0060
Opening Sep. 1!
Daily 11:30A-9:30P
Champions Bar & Grill
at Moorpark Country Club
11800 Championship Drive
(805) 532-2834, Ext. 5
Temporarily Closed
Char-broiler Express6593 Collins Drive
(805) 552-9178
Mon-Sat 7A-8P
Chipotle806 Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 222-4284
Daily 10:30A-10P
CJ's Urban Cafe766 New Los Angeles Avenue, #D-1
(805) 529-5987
Daily 9A-8P
Coffee a la Mode888 New Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 523-3339
Mon-Sat 6:30A-4P
Sun 7A-4P
Coffey & Donuts530 E. Los Angeles Avenue, #119
(805) 523-1671
Daily 4A-4P
Country Harvest
252 W. Los Angeles Avenue, #A
(805) 876-0276
Daily 7A-3P
Custom Pie
and The Bar Next Door
6593 Collins Drive
(805) 222-5739
Tue-Wed 12P-8P
Thu-Sun 12P-9P
Closed Mondays
Del Taco
848 New Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 552-0654
Daily 7A-12A
Denny's832 New Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 530-0999
Daily 6A-10P
Disgustingly Delicious
252 W. Los Angeles Avenue, #D
(805) 517-1500
Daily 7A-2P
Domino's Pizza393 W. Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 523-3030
(Take-out available until 10P)
Sun-Thu 10A-12A
Fri-Sat 10A-1A
Don Cuco Mexican Restaurant
254 W. Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 523-2261
Sun-Thu 11:30A-9P
Fri-Sat 11:30A-10P
Donut Shop West300 W. Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 529-4599
Mon-Sat 4A-2P
Sun 5A-2P
El Pollo Corona50 Moorpark Avenue
(805) 517-1075
Daily 9A-9P
El Pollo Loco
571 Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 531-9789
Daily 9:30A-11P
El Taco Chico
888 Los Angeles Avenue, #D
(805) 552-4068
Mon-Fri 10A-7:30P
Sat 9A-7:30P
Sun 8A-8:30P
Enegren Brewing Company
444 Zachary Street, #120
(805) 552-0602
Mon-Wed 11A-9P
Thu-Sat 11A-10P
Sun 11A-8P
Fire and Vice330 Zachary Street, Unit 109
(805) 222-6147
Mon-Wed 11A-9P
Thu-Sat 11A-10P
Sun 11A-8P
Gutierrez Mexican Restaurant304 W. Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 529-7862
Daily 8A-8P
In-n-Out Burger
856 New Los Angeles AvenueSun-Thu 10:30A-1A
Fri-Sat 10:30A-1:30A
Jack in the Box
539 W. Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 553-9283
Daily 6A-10P
Jamba Juice
888 New Los Angeles Avenue, #J
(805) 552-4110
Mon-Fri 7A-7P
Sat-Sun 8A-7P
Jarro's Cafe530 New Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 517-0705
Daily 8A-2P
Jax Pizza
530 New Los Angeles Avenue, #101
(805) 529-6220
Daily 11A-9P
Jersey Mike's Subs144 W. Los Angeles Avenue, #103
(805) 517-1574
Daily 10A-9P
Jimmy John's
888 New Los Angeles Avenue, #B
(805) 517-2919
Daily 11A-9P
Kazuya Japanese Restaurant
313 W. Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 552-4165
Tue-Sun 11:30A-9P
Closed Mondays
Kiku Japanese Grill888 New Los Angeles Avenue, #C
(805) 523-2655
Tue-Sun 11A-8P
Closed Mondays
Lalo's Mexican Food
530 New Los Angeles Avenue, #10
(805) 529-9411
Daily 11A-8P
Lemmo's Grill4227 Tierra Rejada Road, #A
(805) 530-1555
Mon-Sat 3P-9P
Closed Sundays
Lemmo's Pizzeria
4223 Tierra Rejada Road
(805) 553-6667
Daily 11:30A-8:30P
Little Caesar's Pizza
549 New Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 523-9100
Sun-Thu 10:30A-10P
Fri-Sat 10:30A-11P
Love Sushi223 W. Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 529-1624
Daily 11:30A-10P
Lucas Sellers Wines
330 Zachary Street, #108
(805) 813-6428
Tue-Thu 4P-9P
Fri 12P-10P
Sat 12P-10P
Sun 12P-8P
Closed Mondays
Lucky Fools Pub
75 E. High Street
(805) 532-1500
Mon-Thu 11A-10P
Fri 11A-12A
Sat-Sun 9A-10P
Luna Llena313 E. High Street
(805) 876-0510
Tue 11A-8:30P
Wed 11A-8P
Thu 11A-8:30P
Fri-Sun 10A-8:30P
Closed Mondays
501 New Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 532-2043
Open Daily:
Walk-in 5A-1A
Drive-Thru 4:30A-1A
Michael D's Cafe & Catering593 W. Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 517-1100
Sat-Thu 7A-2P
Fri 7A-8P
Natural Cafe
840 New Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 523-2016
Mon-Sat 11A-9P
Sun 11A-8:30P
Nothin' But Healthy
252 W. Los Angeles Avenue, #E
(805) 529-8446
Mon-Fri 6A-6P
Sat 8A-3P
Sun 8A-2P
Panaderia Gaby's419 Moorpark Avenue
(805) 876-0434
Mon-Sat 4A-7P
Sun 5A-1P
Panda Express
840 E. Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 517-1869
Sun-Thu 10:30A-9P
Fri-Sat 10:30A-10P
Panda Fresh
4227 Tierra Rejada Road
(805) 532-2086
Mon-Sat 10:30A-9P
Closed Sundays
PizzaMan Dan's
144 W. Los Angeles Avenue, #102
(805) 658-6666
Sun-Thu 11A-10P
Fri-Sat 11A-12A
Popeyes520 New Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 552-0097
Daily 10A-10P
Rachada Thai Cuisine
525 New Los Angeles Avenue, #A
(805) 552-0249
Mon-Thu 11A-9P
Fri-Sat 11A-10P
Sun 12P-9P
The Raspado House
14711 Princeton Avenue, #11
(805) 530-0370
Mon-Sat 11A-9P
Sun 12P-9P
Sister Sushi
476 W. Los Angeles Avenue, #B10
(805) 517-1941
Tue-Thu 4P-9P
Fri 12P-2:30P and 4P-9:30P
Sat 4P-9:30P
Sun 4P-9P
Closed Mondays
Starbucks (Collins Drive)6597 Collins Drive
(805) 553-9270
Daily 5A-8P
Starbucks (LA/Spring)561 New Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 552-9431
Sun-Thu 4:30A-9P
Fri-Sat 4:30A-10P
Subway (Collins Drive)6599 Collins Drive
(805) 529-3959
Mon-Fri 6A-8P
Sat 7A-4P
Sun 8A-3:30P
Subway (LA/Spring)530 New Los Angeles Avenue, #108
(805) 523-1782
Daily 8A-9P
Subway (Tierra Rejada)4227 Tierra Rejada Road, #B
(805) 532-1501
Mon-Fri 9A-5P
Sat-Sun 10A-4P
Surf Boba
4225 Tierra Rejada Road, #A
(805) 530-7727
Daily 10A-6P
Sushi Planet
537 New Los Angeles Avenue, #A
(805) 523-2954
Tue-Thu 4P-9P
Fri 4P-9:30P
Sat-Sun 4P-9P
Closed Mondays
Swan Exotic Thai Restaurant
345 W. Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 552-0085
Tue-Sat 11:30A-9P
Sun 5P-9P
Closed Mondays
Szechuwan Garden
484 E. Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 517-1930
Sun-Thu 11:30A-9P
Fri Sat 11:30A-10P
Taco Bell
125 W. Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 529-4780
Mon-Sat 7A-10P
Sun 8A-10P

Mon-Thu 7A-12A
Fri-Sat 7A-1A
Sun 8A-12A
Taqueria El Tapatio537 New Los Angeles Avenue, #C
(805) 523-8044
Daily 8A-9P
Taqueria Jalisco4275 Tierra Rejada Road
(805) 530-1111
Daily 10A-10P
Taste of Punjab
252 W. Los Angeles Avenue, #J
(805) 876-0262
Mon-Thu 11A-9:30P
Fri-Sat 11A-10:30P
Sun 11A-10P
Tello's Mexican Food
417 Moorpark Avenue
(805) 300-6400
Daily 11A-7P
Vegiterranean Kitchen
481 E. High Street
(805) 523-2209
Mon-Sat 11A-8P
Closed Sundays
Wingstop888-A Los Angeles AvenueComing Soon!!!
Wood Ranch BBQ
540 New Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 523-7253
Sun-Thu 11:30A-9P
Fri-Sat 11:30A-9:30P
Yo Frutti
4275 Tierra Rejada Road, #C
(805) 531-0088
Daily 11A-8:30P
Yue Yan Chinese Food Boutique6593 Collins Drive, #D3
(805) 876-0148
Wed-Mon 11A-8:30P
Closed Tuesdays
Yummy Hawaiian BBQ302 W. Los Angeles Avenue
(805) 553-0688
Daily 10A-8P