I’d like to get a dog/pony/chicken/wildebeest. Is that permitted in my neighborhood?

Most residential zones in the City are limited to a total of four dogs and cats per property. Per Moorpark Municipal Code Section 17.28.030 (5)(a), up to fifteen smaller pets, such as hamsters, rats and guinea pigs and small birds (less than 6” in height) may be kept on any residentially zoned property. If animals are to be kept outside, enclosures must be at least 15’ from the property line.

In order to keep larger animals such as equines, bovines, porcines, and fowl, such as chickens or ducks, you must be located in a Rural or Agricultural zone.

Before you purchase or adopt that adorable animal, check you property’s zoning by checking the City’s Zoning Map, or with the City’s GIS system, and consult Moorpark Municipal Code Section 17.28.030. 

Please note that all dogs and cats in the City of Moorpark must have a pet license.

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