Information Systems / Cable Television


The Information Systems Division is responsible for establishing, monitoring, and maintaining information technology systems and services. Information Systems provides support, maintenance, and upgrades to all City computer and telecommunication systems, network services, systems planning, project design, and programming for the enhancement of existing and new systems.

Budget Allocation

This division’s budget supports the City's:

  • Cable TV recording and broadcast equipment
  • Citywide local area network
  • Desktop computers
  • Financial information system
  • Home page and wireless network
  • Laptop computers
  • Networked printers
  • Other related equipment
  • Services
  • Telephones

For the computer and telephone equipment, all operating, maintenance, and capital costs are split through an overhead allocation between the City's user departments based on the proportion of computer and phone user in each department.

Contact Us

  1. Christopher Thompson

    Sr. IS Administrator

    Ph: 805-517-6248
    Fx: 805-532-2205