Recyclable Items
Recyclable Paper Products
  • Almost all clean and dry paper can be recycled including:
  • Cardboard (cardboard cereal boxes with liners removed)
  • Computer and ledger paper; brochures
  • Magazines and newspapers including the shiny paper ads and coupons

  • Catalogs
  • Phone books
  • Tissue boxes
  • Wrapping paper
  • Junk mail

Non-Recyclable Paper Products
Do not recycle wet, greasy, or dirty paper such as food wrappers, paper towels, paper plates, or tissues. Also, waxed paper and carbon paper are not recyclable.

Recyclable Plastics
Any plastic product with a number “1” (PETE), or “2” (HDPE). These numbers include beverage containers; water and milk jugs; laundry, detergent and shampoo bottles with caps and lids removed.

Also, the following plastics have been added to the list of approved recyclable items: “3” (V); “4” (LDPE) which includes most plastic bags; “5” (PP), and “6” (PS).

Non-Recyclable Plastics
“7” (Other) plastic labeled products are not recyclable as well as polystyrene foam, plastic toys, or toothpaste tubes.

Recyclable Metal
Aluminum cans, food cans or beverage cans (rinsed out), clean aluminum foil, and completely empty Aerosol cans.

Non-Recyclable Metal Goods
Items like table ware, window frames, paper clips and nails, as well as non-ferrous metals (i.e. aluminum, tin, copper, zinc, and brass).

Recyclable Glass Items
Bottles and jars, all colors, including cosmetic bottles. Rinse jars lightly to remove food and other residues from bottles. Avoid breakage.

Non-Recyclable Glass Items
Light bulbs, drinking glasses, ceramics, window glass, or mirrors.

Yard Waste Recycling
Recycle yard trimmings such as grass clippings, leaves, plant material, horse manure, brush, tree limbs, and small pieces of unpainted or unstained wood. Yard trimmings should be placed in your green yard trimmings container. The cost of this service is included in the regular trash disposal bill. As an alternative, try “grasscycling.”