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Bid Title: Metrolink South Parking Lot South Entry - Identification Number: PW: 2019-02
Category: All Open Bids
Status: Closed




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Metrolink South Parking Lot South Entry [the “Project”]


Identification Number:  PW: 2019-02

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of Moorpark, California (“City”) invites sealed Bids for the Project and will receive such bids in the office of the City Clerk of the City of Moorpark at 799 Moorpark Avenue, Moorpark, California, 93021 up to the hour of 3:30 p.m. on the 5th day of November, 2019, at which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud. The official bid clock, which will establish the official bid time, will be determined by the City Clerk’s Division of the City of Moorpark.

mandatory pre-bid meeting AND Site Visit.  A mandatory pre-bid meeting and site walk will be held on October 22, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. at Moorpark City Hall Large Conference Room (799 Moorpark Avenue, Moorpark, CA).  After the meeting there will be a job walk at the Project site (65 First Street, Moorpark, CA).  Every Bidder is required to attend the pre-bid meeting and Project site walk.  Failure of a Bidder to attend will render that Bidder’s Bid non-responsive.  Bidders who attended the first pre-bid meeting on May 21, 2019 are not required to attend the October 22, 2019 meeting but are encouraged to do so. No allowances for cost adjustments will be made if a Bidder fails to adequately examine the Project site before submitting a Bid.

REGISTRATION WITH THE DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS.  In accordance with Labor Code Sections 1725.5 and 1771.1, no contractor or subcontractor shall be qualified to bid on, be listed in a bid proposal, subject to the requirements of Section 4104 of the Public Contract Code, or engage in the performance of any contract for public work, unless currently registered and qualified to perform public work pursuant to Section 1725.5 [with limited exceptions for bid purposes only under Labor Code Section 1771.1(a)].

PREVAILING WAGES.  In accordance with Labor Code Section 1770 et seq., the Project is a “public work.”  The selected Bidder (Contractor) and any Subcontractors shall pay wages in accordance with the determination of the Director of the Department of Industrial Relations (“DIR”) regarding the prevailing rate of per diem wages.  Copies of those rates are on file and are available to any interested party upon request.  The Contractor shall post a copy of the DIR’s determination of the prevailing rate of per diem wages at each job site.  This Project is subject to compliance monitoring and enforcement by the DIR.

FEDERAL FUNDING.  This is a federally funded project.  The current Federal General Wage Determinations for this project, as predetermined by the Secretary of Labor, are set forth in these Special Provisions.  If there is a difference in the Federal minimum wage rates and the California Department of Industrial Relations for similar classifications of labor, the contractor and their subcontractors shall pay not less than the higher wage rate.

The wage rate for any classification not listed by the Federal Department of Labor or the California Department of Industrial Relations, but which may be required to execute the proposed contract, shall be in accord with specified rates for similar or comparable classifications or for those performing similar or comparable duties, within the Agency’s determinations.

The work herein proposed will be partly financed with Federal funds, and therefore, all of the statutes, rules and regulations promulgated by the Federal Government; including requirements for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) shall apply to this work.  The City’s source of Federal funding is through the Federal Transit Administration grants by the Ventura County Transportation Commission (COMMISSION), which has a race-neutral DBE program. Consequently, while there is no DBE goal, DBE participation is encouraged, but voluntary.

BONDS.  Each Bid must be accompanied by a cash deposit, cashier’s check, certified check or Bidder’s Bond issued by a Surety insurer, made payable to the City and in an amount not less than ten percent (10%) of the total Bid submitted.  Personal or company checks are not acceptable.  Upon Contract award, the Contractor shall provide faithful performance and payment Bonds, each in a sum equal to the Contract Price.  All Bonds must be issued by a California admitted Surety insurer using the forms set forth in the Contract Documents, or in any other form approved by the City Attorney.  Failure to enter into the Contract with the City, including the submission of all required Bonds and insurance coverages, within fifteen (15) Days after the date of the mailing of written notice of contract award to the Bidder, shall subject the Bid security to forfeiture to the extent provided by law.

LICENSES.  Each Bidder shall possess a valid Class A, Contractor’s license issued by the California State Contractors License Board at the time of the Bid submission, unless this Project has any federal funding, in which case the successful Bidder must possess such a license at the time of Contract award.  The successful Contractor must also obtain a current City business registration if awarded a contract.

RETENTION SUBSTITUTION.  Five percent (5%) of any progress payment will be withheld as retention.  In accordance with Public Contract Code Section 22300, and at the request and expense of the Contractor, securities equivalent to the amount withheld may be deposited with the City or with a State or federally chartered bank as escrow agent, which shall then pay such moneys to the Contractor.  Upon satisfactory completion of the Project, the securities shall be returned to the Contractor.  Alternatively, the Contractor may request that the City make payments of earned retentions directly to an escrow agent at the Contractor’s expense.  No such substitutions shall be accepted until all related documents are approved by the City.

TRADE NAMES OR EQUALS.  Requests to substitute an equivalent item for a brand or trade name item must be made by written request submitted no later than five (5) Days before the Bid submission deadline.  Requests received after this time shall not be considered.  Requests shall clearly describe the product for which approval is requested, including all data necessary to demonstrate acceptability.

CONTRACT DISINCENTIVES.  Contract Disincentives shall accrue in the amount of $250 for each Day that Work remains incomplete beyond the Project completion deadline specified in the Contract Documents.

BIDDING PROCESS.  The City reserves the right to reject any Bid or all Bids, and to waive any irregularities or informalities in any Bid or in the bidding, as deemed to be in its best interest.

The Plans, Contract documents and Specifications will be available for public inspection as follows:

City of Moorpark, 799 Moorpark Avenue, Moorpark, CA 93021

Ventura County Contractor’s Association, 1830 Lockwood Street, Suite 110, Oxnard, CA 93036

FW Dodge, 1333 S. Mayflower Avenue, Suite 300, Monrovia, CA 91016                                                                  

Also online at and

Bids must be prepared on the approved Proposal forms in conformance with the Instructions to Bidders and submitted in a sealed envelope plainly marked on the outside, “BID FOR METROLINK SOUTH PARKING LOT SOUTH ENTRY – DO NOT OPEN WITH REGULAR MAIL.”

Bidders shall guarantee the bid price for a period of 90 calendar days from the date of bid opening.

Any questions regarding this notice can be directed, in writing, to the City’s Project Representative:  Shaun Kroes, Program Manager by e-mail   

Publication Date/Time:
4/26/2019 2:00 PM
Closing Date/Time:
11/5/2019 3:30 PM
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