How do I sign up for the Youth Basketball League?
Specific registration schedules will be posted online and in the quarterly recreation guide.
Coaches: Children of coaches should preregister. Coaches must have completed fingerprinting and paperwork one week prior to seasonal evaluations. A mandatory coaches meeting is held each season.
Returning players: Players whose coaches have submitted player evaluations within the past two seasons may register in person or by phone one week prior to open registration and evaluations.
Other players: Registration & evaluations are held each season, as noted in the Recreation Guide. First, register for the program at the office. Then, proceed to the gym for your player’s evaluation.
Participants unable to attend evaluations may be added to an interest list. Players on this list are NOT guaranteed a space, and will only be called in the event of a cancellation by a registered player or if players are needed to meet the minimum number of participants necessary to run the league.

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